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Threads are reportedly working on deleting a profile so you don’t have to delete Instagram as well

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One thing not available in Threads, the text-based Instagram spin-off, is the ability to delete your profile. However, this may change in the near future. A new X post by leaker and reverse engineer Alessandro Palozzi suggests that a profile deletion option for the Threads app is in development.

According to the app’s alleged screenshots, Threads’ profile delete feature will get rid of your profile once and for all. It will remove your data like posts and likes permanently 30 days after deleting your profile.

The screenshot warns that you won’t be able to recreate a Threads profile using the same Instagram account for up to 120 days. It also mentions that deleting your Threads profile will not delete your associated Instagram account.

Currently, you can only delete a Threads profile if you delete your associated Instagram account. It’s not yet known when (or if) Threads’ profile deletion option will come to the app. However, you can cancel your Threads profile independently if you need to step off the platform for a while.

The Threads app was launched earlier this year and it quickly took the crown of the fastest app launch from it Pokemon GO. While tens of millions of users joined the Twitter alternative in its first week, it didn’t take long for engagement to drop.

We previously reported that the social media app was missing a number of essential features that rival platforms had, including the ability to delete your Threads profile. However, Instagram head Adam Mosari assured users that various Threads features are “on the list” for a future release.

While there are no native programs to insert messages directly, Threads has tried to fill in the gaps by adding some of the missing features like next tab, language translation, custom alt text, etc. Recently, the web version of Threads and keyword search functionality has also been launched in selected countries.

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