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Threads is beginning post searches only in English and Spanish a year ago

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The microblogging platform Threads has increased its search capabilities for publications. The feature gradually becomes available to users in most English and Spanish-speaking countries, said Mark Zuckerberg, and his number will grow in the near future.

Image Source: Azamat E / unsplash.com.

The tests of threads searches have started just over a week ago in Australia and New Zealand, but the work was not carried out by users. This feature will soon be seen in the US and the USA, and also get its first release on the platform’s Web site.

The function was installed in conjunction with the update of the application, and has started working for several users, reports The Verge, and is implemented in a non-standard way: when entering the search bar, the results display a list of users who meet these criteria, and an additional link appeared to search for publications.

Image Source: theverge.com.

Meta has been developing threads as a way of using Twitter since the beginning of the year. After having taken an unpopular decision, the owner of Twitter limited the reading of posts because of the active parsing of content using artificial intelligence model models. Threads went public without a single set of features, gained 100 million users at a record time and just as quickly lost half. Ironically, only a few weeks after launch, threads also limited access to content, but it isn’t as harshly as it is.

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