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Three good Xiaomi gadgets of up to 50 in this Amazon PROMO for the time being

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How hard is it? Choose only three good products from the prodigious Chinese company led by Lei Jun. Xiaomi is a strong seller in Portugal and an excellent official store on Portuguese soil, with various products in the Spanish branch of the giant Amazon.

Besides, we point out these items that have been promising to improve your life. Whether to monitor the most important metrics of the users physical activity, or pauses or even shivers, to inflate tires (literally).

1. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 in the name of Smart Band.

192 pixels x 490 pixelsSurveillance oats Supports 110 modesHealth: Heart rate, SpO2, VO2, Max, mhgnti, monitor and monitorFoundarity: 5 Mean: 15 daysCompatibility: Android e iOS iPhone a day.

Tips: orange neoprene.

2. Auriculares Bluetooth TWS Xiaomi Redmi Buds Essential.

Driver: 7 mC/om/ 18 hours per charge: Bluetooth 5.3Certification: IPX4Noise: NoCor: koo, black and blue easantas liras.

3. Mi Mi Electric Air Compressor 2 Portable Compressor.

Motion Maximum: up to 150 PSImodes: 6 preset operating modesTwo mAh capacity490 grams490 grams12″

On the other hand, if you opt for an Amazon-based store, you can return the product up to thirty days from the purchase date (invoice date). That means you have an extended period to test these captivating products from the Chinese factory.

Lastly, if you have more information, please, buy on Amazon for good-bye purchases in Portugal. Please note that available stock may soon run out, so we recommend that you buy that product as soon as you can.

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