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Three time gems to collect for Christmas!

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Check us out our tips for a chance of winning Grand Prix! I have some first time gems to collect for Christmas!

Published on 18th and 2022 at 12:09:09 p.m.

It’s hard not to do it all to collect matriarch gems on Genshin Impact, as these are important for a new play. And exactly, Prime Gaming rewards go back to the game.

They are back a few months away. Prime Gaming is indeed a lucrative game. And don’t wait to get the first, which only lasts a few days! We explain how to do that. I also want to finish the job.

the moment you will come to a hamlet of more than 1,000,000.

Prime Gaming rewards on the effect of the spinner.

It has been a while since Amazon stopped Genshin Impact rewards on Prime Gaming. But for all naive subscribers on the Amazon platform, they’re back!

Between December 14, 2022 and May 24, 2023, you can claim 8 Gifts in the Sargent Impact! These packs are made up of primo-gems and other objects.

Another player who has collected at least one of the eight distributions received a personalized reward after the start of the campaign. It’s possible for us to know more about this, but it’s obvious to us that primo gems are on the back of the game!

Here is the link to directly access the pack. Please note that to be eligible, you must subscribe to Amazon.

Click right on Get in-game content, and you’re going to enter another page with your code. After the game, you can return to the settings (click here to start / esc / the icon, depending on your platform).

Next, go to Play Account. You will be able to get to a page with 3 options: Centre und denial, promotional code and privacy policy. It’s obviously the second option that is interesting here.

A window will open so you could enter a code. Enter the code you saw on the Prime Gaming page and validate it by pressing Swap. Those two are all valid.

You’ll find your rewards directly in your in-game mailbox.

Genshin – The Impact guides us.


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