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Throne and Liberty’s technical test in September killed players more than 100,000 times

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Following the Throne-& Liberty technical test earlier this fall, NCsoft and Amazon have been fairly worried about that MMO now is on until 2024. Even the studios wrote a small infographic last night, with quite impressive numbers for something relatively low test.

Notably, the teams counted up over 100,000 player deaths nearly half of which seemed to be in PvP. Approximately 2,3 million NPCs met their goal from the tester, with the staff/wand combo being its most deadly set and in fact that the Mad Red Pyromancer succumbed more frequently than any other nation.

The studio is promising to let a lot of people get into future tests, and this means more testing opportunities will exist for players around the world when “Thrones or Liberty’ launches.

Source: Official website.

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