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Thunder Awaken re-shaped SA Dota 2, can they do it again in 2023?

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Thunder Awaken is an official Dota 2 esports team in Peru. Formed in 2018, they quickly become one of South America’s top team, and 2022 is the year that their greatest ever achieved.

Their return to the ground after completing the best season in history for a South American team.

Thunder wakes up to the DPC 2022 success.

Thunder Awaken has had great success in several tournaments. The BTS Pro Series S10 Americas, ESL One Stockholm 2022 and three Tours of the Dota Pro Circuit 2022 (DPC 2022).

While all these are excellent achievements, nothing tops the amazing journey Thunder Awakens at the International 11. The fifth place in the TI Championship is a new record in the South American Dota 2, which has gone beyond its predecessors, Infamous 7th place at TI9.

The performance of its star players helped propel the Thunder Awakens success. The teams roster includes players such as Crhistian Pakazs Casanova and Farith Matthew Huamancaja, which are considered one of the best dota 2 players in the region.

Moreover, many fans blamed the roster synergy on TA success. For the unreceived, TA signed the NoPing roster for their DPC 2022 season. This surprise came as no surprise given that NoPing was the most phenomenal candidate for TI10 last year.

South America grew worldwide fandom.

Out of its competitive achievements, Thunder Awaken is recognized for its strong commitment to the fans. The team regularly shares his matches and practices on Twitch, and works on social media to connect with her followers.

It is similar to five years ago when fans called out the Valve team to reduce the number of SA teams. It’s a testament to the growth in the region of SA over the last two years. Without phenomenal players, a loyal fans would definitely be a region’s success.

We are looking at a booming number of eager powerhouses building their Dota second division out of this region.

Evil Geniuses is arguably the most recognized powerhouse to nurture SA talent beyond its former North American household names. Known as a Western Europe powerhouse, Alliance built its own sister team in SA. It bought the complete line-up of Hokori, another staple in South America’s DPC.

Thunder Awaken hopes to re-build the entire building in 2023.

At the end of the year 2022, Thunder Awaken was a formidable force in the Dota 2-esports world. However, the prestige and glory won’t last over the new season after TA players broke up for other teams. The remnants of the former TA roster, Pakazs, Matthew and Jose Pandaboo Hernandez, now compete for the EG. Whereas Herrera DarkMago Gonzalo and Rafael Sacred Yonatan are in a beastcoast.

The new roster doesn’t seem promising yet, but it still isn’t done at the highest level of an investigation.

Since the day has passed, the game will end with a very good result. However, with young blood and commitment, this team could meet the future’s predecessors by 2023.

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