Thunderbolts could introduce Adamantium to the Marvel Cinematic Universe


When will the Mutants officially be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If you check out the most recent reports, this will happen sometime in 2024, with the possibility that the next 4th film, Captain America: New World Order, is going to take place soon. But other sources sing a different song: the metal alloy – commonly linked to the X-Men – won’t come later until Thunderbolts opens on July 26, 2024.

Recent reports indicate that the body of Tiamat will play a key role before Phase 6 of the MCU begins.

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Sentry is going to start joining the #Thunderbolts team.

In a ten-hour film, he’ll hear voices, and lose his mind leaving The Thunderbolts to stop him.

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Thunderbolts News (@thunderbnews) December 23, 2022.

According to grapevine talk, Thunderbolts’ story starts with a 7-member Avengers-like anti-hero group traveling to the body of the dead Celestial, Tiamut, to get their hands on Adamantium. The island, later revealed, will be hailed as ‘Genosha’, one of the many sites that the Mutants are calling home in comic books. If the system of an open-books acquisition mission fails, the team loses the possibility that Sentry starts to hear voices and then they’re forced to stop the MCU version of Superman “at any cost”.

The film is originally made into a second part of the phase 5 of the MCU. However, it isn’t yet clear if that remains the case after Blade was pushed back to September 6, 2024. Again, Kevin Feige could have been referring to Thunderbolts like what the MCU did with Avengers: Endgame. The second-highest film of all time is considered to have culminated in the entire phase 3 (and basically at that time in the MCU), the final film of Phase 3 is Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The new director and writer recently, Blade, can explore the more supernatural side of the MCU, but keep us updated on what happened after World Order and Thunderbolts.

Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have changed many things from the source material to the cinematic universe. It’s possible the inclusion of Genosha, in case it happens, will be more a red herring for the sake of a public nuisance before the real introduction of Mutants into the Mawla. After Blade premiered in cinemas, two actual Mutants will join the Foray as Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds make their highly anticipated debut as Wolverine and Deadpool respectively in Deadpool 3.

The former William Hurt will be replaced by Harrison Ford as General Thunderbolt Ross in the MCU going forward.

With the Warp, fans can attend Ant-Man on February 17.


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