Timberborn – Gravity Batteries Info Guide

Timberborn - Gravity Batteries Info Guide

A short rationalization of Gravity Batteries in Timberborn (Experimental division – July twenty first 2022 change)

What are gravity batteries?

Gravity batteries are a modern Power instrument on the market in Timberborn.

They consists of a 2×1 sturdy BASE, which can (and should) be positioned on one factor really extreme, equal to platforms, and a drop-weight that may be 2×1 nonetheless is positioned subsequent to the underside, so, collectively, your entire factor has a 2×2 footprint.

Gravity batteries accumulate additional power from the power neighborhood they’re associated to (be part of your neighborhood to the BASE of the battery by way of power shafts or direct adjacency). They do this by elevating the drop-weight, storing 2000 fashions of additional vitality per unit of peak.

If the power neighborhood can’t meet the demand of associated industries, the drop-weight is lowered at merely the appropriate tempo to cowl the extra power demand.

Notice that solely ‘usable’ peak is counted — if there’s any sort of obstacle or required clearance beneath the drop-weight, it reduces the utmost depth to which it could probably descend, and thus reduces the storage functionality accordingly:

Hints: Place the battery over cliffs or large water reservoirs, the place you are unlikely to ever assemble, plant, or develop crops. For elevated revenue, place some platforms (as extreme as chances are you’ll) first to maximise the drop peak:

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