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Time Survivors: Episode 0 aired on the Steam at the end of the season

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This is the Free Chapter 0 Time Supraite.

Lunar Chili has just announced the date of the release of Time Survivors: Chapter. This title will be free-to-play and serve as an example for Time Survivors. It’ll be going to be available on Steam on the 18 September. The developer describes this game as the Most Ingenious Rogue Woman Ever made.

This game is about to be played in a world where time is possible, and players play the role of legend-rich historical characters when they fight differently. There are Lincoln, Tesla, Cleopatra, and many more. A character has their unique abilities, it can be used to defeat enemies and for this combat.

In some cases, Nikola Tesla uses electrical electrodes to create shocking paths that zap your enemies. Oda Nobunaga can turn into a flying ninja robot, while Abe Lincoln can summon from cherry trees, defensive barriers.

In addition to its unique abilities, Time Survivors: Chapter 0 also features a tree-based data analysis system. This system allows players to unlock and upgrade characters, weapons and stages using gold and resources collected during their run. This allows players to customize their experience and create their own unique builds.

Do everything right here for all the fun of battles. With its rich 2.5D pixel graphics, and its original soundtrack, Chapter 0 will be one action-packed adventure game. In addition, check out the abilities trailer below.


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