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Tin Hearts reveals new trailer and 2023 release window

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tin hearts, a small puzzle adventure game from Rogue Sun and Wired Productions, has just released the new “The Things We Do” cinematic and gameplay trailer. The trailer concludes by announcing that the game is no longer expected to release in winter 2022 and will instead release sometime in 2023:

Victorian art design of tin hearts It has always been very attractive. The vintage look offers an atmosphere that is both cozy and mysterious, which was definitely enhanced by today’s trailer. The haunting piano music creates a genuine sense of wonder, and the gameplay that unfolds suggests some clever puzzle mechanics.

The puzzle genre requires a very delicate balance, since anything too easy either difficult will be unsatisfactory. But adding a unique flavor to the genre can really help an indie game stand out, even if the puzzles themselves are already very flexible.

For example, two are required it was a huge success thanks to its emotional grounding and remarkable wit. tin hearts The puzzles promise a sense of joy and mystery so far, and it’s sure to appeal to Nintendo’s mobile games.

It’s a pity that tin hearts has had a lot of issues with its release, especially after the Steam demo was so well received. The official sites haven’t even been updated yet, and it was expected for some winter season since last year. But it is always better for studies to take as long as possible to produce a March game to stay out of your own way. There has been no word on a smaller release window.

The developer Rogue Sun has not created any other games for reference. However, publisher Wired Productions has released a wide variety of titles and is probably best known for deliver us the moonwhich was successful enough to warrant a sequel which is due in February 2023.

You can read more about tin hearts and other upcoming puzzle games by following our news section!

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