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Titanfall 2 got its first major update in a couple of years

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Apparently, Titanfall 2 is still moving forward. The Respawn Entertainment studio released the first major update after several years of backup and maintenance, and restored the server and alerted the users to an arrival of new features.

The update for Titanfall 2 brought improvements to the matchmaking system, improved server stability, and other improvements that essentially made the game fully useable in online multiplayer mode after years of inaction from the developers.

The standard rotation of game modes was restored, new features were added, and all the previous used modes were also restored. As well as improving the level of use, improvements cover various areas, including the ability to take individual action.

It is already known that Titanfall 3 was canceled after ten months of development in favor of Apex Legends, but the project won’t be revived. The second largest leap in land, Titanfall, now based on its 90% discount, is very popular on Steam. According to the SteamDB service, this morning, over 17 thousand people played the shooter Titanfall 2 simultaneously.

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