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To cool the planet, a startup sprayed sulfur dioxide to the stratosphere, but it isn’t true

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Make Sunsets announced that it launched meteorological balloons with sulfur dioxide reserves from Mexico. The balloons delivered SO powder into the stratosphere and sprayed it there. This is direct imitation of volcanic activity, which could theoretically lower the flow of sunlight to the Earth and contribute to the cooling process. But science is not a scientific foundation behind the company’s operations, and this raises questions.

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The founder and director of Make Sunsets, Luke Iseman, admitted that the spraying of sulfur dioxide was more a scientific experiment than that of the creator. By taking such actions, the company will be able to raise the public eye and make it tougher to speak about the warming problem and the climate control issues. According to him, it would be immoral not to hold such an act like that.

The scientific community made hostility in the announcement that Make Sunsets were made. This company has no plans to make that an experiment. It can do more harm than good. A pity for sulfur dioxide is guaranteed to crush the ground as it sunk through a lot of acid rain. There weren’t any fixing equipment and instruments on board the balloons, so for the first time, there was a release of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere or no one can confirm this. The company promises to launch balloons another time.

Make Sunsets promises to not stop and invites everyone who is not indifferent to the climate change to buy service cooling credits. This would allow for the future to receive revenue from the company’s activities. Another thing is that an unknown startup is unlikely to be allowed to work in this market independently. The rise of climate-taxed profits has led to hundreds of billions of dollars in global economies. This isn’t very easy for most to go into this stream.

Those in China are much more serious problems. In China, in 2020, a state program was introduced to manage precipitation. It turned out that a drone on board does a good job. Like some start-ups who are unknown to anyone, China is capable of such large-scale operations that can cause serious damage to air masses. Even China is not the only one trying to solve climate-controlled problems. According to the World Meteorological Organization, more than 50 countries started implementing weather control programs in 2017.

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