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Toast signs most of his VALORANT roster while deciding the name and other teams sniping him

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The content creator, and the chessboxing winner DisguisedToast is beginning to get closer to completing his pro VALORANT roster, despite the difficulties most likely facing the other new esports founders.

Toast announced his plans to form a pro competitive roster back in October and recently confirmed on stream that he had successfully formed a new company to sign players and has already officially signed three players to the team. Toast seems to be waiting for two more players to sign a contract that has been sent out.

While she was waiting, Toast had to face the most difficult times, especially when it comes to esports org owner. In a stream last week, Toast said that one of the biggest problems facing him now is that he doesn’t have a team name. He suggested his talk come up with a name, but he doesn’t hesitate to go with something stupid they might suggest, like The Bakery.


He also made clear that he didn’t wish to call the team Toast Esports or include the term esports and said that the company is a completely new thing that doesn’t have to say about the name at all, as long as it has a name he can go to sponsors with. He said about bringing them to VCT. I cant call them the Rizz-lords.

Finding the right name and navigating sponsors weren’t his only obstacles, though. In his interview, Toast revealed that an additional team apparently sniped a player that his organization had an eye on signing. Toast said when he spoke of his experience with first team owner, a third organization signed the player his team was trialing because of the competition he was trying to impress with that other company.


While the official status wasn’t confirmed and Toast didn’t say who was, there’s a strong chance that the player is aspiring pro player Demon1, who was reportedly a trialer of the Toasts team, according to the VLR reporter. Demon1 will sign on with the team’s 10-man roster, which is believed to be the team that Toast has been allouding to. EG is an organization aggressive in the VCT Americas.

However, the next day, despite the fact that Toast is announcing his roster and potentially the teams name, the NSC will be open as soon as January 9 to begin their championship qualifiers.

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