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Tobey Maguire discussed a tinker and a dancing child and answered the user questions

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One of the most popular things about the aggregating news website is the way well known public figures host live Q&A sessions, also known as Reddit AMAs (Ask me Anything). Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimis have decided to attend the event today.

Like you might expect, questions took place, and so much interest was centered around his unforgettable role as Spiderman. Maguire revealed that he still loves to dance in Spider-Man 3. However, he’s very jealous of his small counterpart who made the most splash this year with incredible accuracy.

For those of you who love memes, Maguire is pretty ambivalent about those featuring his love, although he admitted he found the videos of the bully Maguire funny. He also said he’d check out the subreddit of raimimemes, to the pleasure of the community.

Spoiler alert

On the top of the list of the alleged crimes of the day, he was silent. His latest film, the kaleidoscope, is published in the movie “Cyber-drama” with his executive team working and his role in the notorious murderer’s father’s brother. This film appears to involve a live alligator in a way or another, and as a result he waited anxiously for all the details of the interaction to get the audience to know what this interaction is gonna.

There is plenty more to talk, but on the subject of your question and even on the subject of the question that he is answering that question of which of his Spider-Man co-stars he likes more Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland?

Spoiler: he is really passionate about these guys and is very happy with the question itself.


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