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Tobey Maguires Reddit Discusses Memes, Live Alligators and a Dancing Child

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One of the most popular aspects of social news agency website is how notable public figures often host live Q&A sessions, otherwise known as Reddit AMA (ask me anything) threads. When Tobey Maguire opened the door to debate today, the star of the Sam Raimis Spider-Man trilogy threw his hat in the digital ring.

Hi, Tom Maguire, actor/executive producer of BABYLON, and sometimes superhero. AMA! from the movie.

As early as possible, the queries got over in, with the most focus on the cherished turn as the Marvel webslinger. Maguire revealed that he had the right to still pull out his famous dance from Spider-Man 3, and that he was a much smaller fan of his pint-sized doppelganger, who made waves earlier this year by emulating the moves with amazing accuracy.

Those of you with a fancy for memes, Maguire is almost ambivalent towards those that show his likeness, even though he confessed he found the Bully Maguire videos amusing. He also said that he’d check out the raimimemes subreddit, much so that the community liked it.

Most importantly, he wasn’t mum at Babylon, a newly released comedy-drama film where he was acting as an executive producer and was also acting as a mob boss. One is apparently aware that the main attraction of the world is a live alligator. He is going to eagerly show up that the vastness of this interaction is fascinating.

There’s a lot of discussion to enjoy, but if you look for the definitive highlight, he’s likely to respond to the question if he understood who he was liked better among his fellow Spider-Man alumni, Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland.

He loves those guys so much and finds a way to understand your own questions.


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