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Tom Cena and Mary are a cross-smoothing group in final SmackDown episode of the year

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We all knew that John Cena would return to the squared circle after the end of the year if only to continue his streak of WWE appearances for the 20th consecutive year. At the time, the idea of the matter was highly probable. Now, we know when the sixteen-time world champion will return to the world for his highly anticipated WWE return and who he will fight against will be the best way to end the year.

John Cena, who appeared on SmackDown on December 30th, will perform at the WWE for the second time.

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The 45-year-old became a full-time actor in Hollywood following the success of his string of movies last year, including The Suicide Squad. The premiere and the successful success of Peacemaker resulted in a follow-up season, potential spin-offs and more… a role in the new DC Universe, but not because of the lack of confidence, still no doubt about whether Cena was able to keep his streak alive. That moment, since the most recent announcement, Cena’s streak is safe and fans can expect a victory against Roman Reigns.

Cena announced he will be unlikely to play Kevin Owens on December 30 in a tag team match with Sami Zayn and the reigning WWE Undisputed Universal Champion.

In fact, in last year’s SummerSlam against Cena, which he lost, was his last in-ring fight against Reigns. As for her new partner, I recently gained trust in Tom to support the band at the weekend. Since the last weeks, Owens has fought with The Bloodline including Reigns, so it’s interesting to see Cena as a bit more active.

After all, Cena’s next fight will lead to an even more involved WWE role if ever reaches a match for the next year’s WrestleMania, rather than against Logan Paul.

We hope that Cena’s upcoming appearance isn’t just a one-off but we’ll have to wait some months to see him square up inside the WWE ring again.

Since snobb-terroristic attacks and a villainous war have killed some innocent people who fled the CIA, isn’t a veteran of the franchise? The fans are excited to see Cena reprise his role in Fast X, which will premiere on May 19th. Cena is also expected to co-star in a comedy film with his fellow Fast X actor, Jason Momoa, who will reportedly take on a new role in the newly formed DCU.

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