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Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics announces round of layoffs as Embracer restructures

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Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind it Tomb Raider and Marvel’s Avengers, see layoffs today. the company announced Restructuring changes, resulting in 10 staff members from departments such as project management, public relations and art being let go.

Embracer Group is consolidating and restructuring many game development studios it acquired in recent mega deals. This includes closing some studios and laying off others as we look to combine teams.

Crystal Dynamics was one of three studios acquired from Square Enix last year, along with Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal, which has since closed.

This is the latest round of layoffs from subsidiaries owned by the Embracer Group. Earlier this week, Beamdog fired the staff on Enhanced editions of Baldur’s Gate. Last month layoffs also had an effect Motocross madness Developer Rainbow Studios.

For those who don’t know, Crystal Dynamics started in 1992 as a third-party game developer for platforms like 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. It is best known for developing several major franchises, incl Tomb Raider and Cain’s legacy.

The Embracer group’s shake-ups had already led to the shuttering of Volition, which was a shock. The studio was responsible for popular franchises such as Row of Martyrs and red faction.

Layoffs also affected other subsidiaries such as boundaries boundaries Made by Gearbox Publishing. A new report even suggests that Embracer may sell Gearbox Entertainment. The parent company is reportedly working with Goldman Sachs and Aream & Co. to advance the process.

With big franchises like Tomb Raider and recent works on games such as Marvel’s Avengers, the cuts at Crystal Dynamics suggest that even big-name developers are feeling the effects of Embracer’s restructuring. It remains to be seen how this might affect the studio’s planned future Tomb Raider Titles or work alongside the initiative on Perfect darkness.

On the other hand, Lara Croft hasn’t appeared with a new adventure since Crystal Dynamics finished the last survival trilogy with Shadow of the Tomb Raider in 2018. Last week, however, Tomb Raider I-III remake starring Lara Croft Announced during the Nintendo Direct in September.

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