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Towerborne’s latest development diary focuses on the powerful Warclub weapon

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Towerborne is one of two games expected to be released in 2024 that will be published by Microsoft Game Studios, but not coming from a first-party developer (the other game is Ara: Untold history) This week, game developer Stoic Games published a new entry in the development diary On Towerborne Website which focuses on one of the game’s weapons.

The game’s human warriors, called Aces, will need several different weapons to defeat the enemy creatures they encounter in Towerburn. This week, we got a chance to test Warclub’s capabilities. As the name suggests, it is a large and powerful item that is capable of dealing a lot of damage when it connects with enemies, but it is also the slowest weapon that players can use.

Stoic says that if a player uses some of the bigger attack combos with the Warclub, he will also activate a passive skill called Grit that will allow him to ignore any attacks from his enemies that might normally be blocked.

Warclub also has a feature called Heat Guage, which the player can charge by pressing the Weapon Mechanic button. Stoic says:

Once fully charged, pressing the button again will activate heat mode and for a limited time, all attacks will apply burn on hit. Advanced players can cancel the recovery frames of each attack by pressing the weapon mechanic button which will give them a significant boost to the Heat Gauge.

Some of the combo attacks that players can use with the Warclub include the Crimson Uppercut, where the player leaps into the air and swings the weapon up to deal with enemies, along with the Mountain Splitter, which allows you to swing the weapon down and create. Seismic events on the ground for multiple hits. There is also the Seething Cyclone, where the player and the Warclub spin 360 degrees multiple times.

currently, Towerborne Set to launch sometime in 2024. However, as of this writing, there is no exact release date yet. Microsoft will publish the game for PC and its Xbox Series X and S consoles.

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