Toyota attacks the Tesla Model 3 and Nvidia disconnects an item and Samsung spends Techspresso


Didn’t you have the time to follow the news yesterday? This is what drew on Monday, December 19th 2022. An electric Toyota, as is the Tesla Model 3, the Nvidia Shield TV that loses a feature and is ready to take out the checkbook.

Toyota’s concept is interesting.

Toyota unveiled the new car, bZ3, developed in partnership with the Chinese giant BYD.

The Shield TV’s feathers are leaking.

Yesterday, the Nvidia Shield TV service was disconnected. If you were equipped with an Nvidia card, it was about the possibility of streaming games directly from a PC to its Box TV.

Samsung is firing on all cylinders.

While Samsung would be able to keep up with the problem, its current boss would now be ready to buy out the money. In any case, that’s what led to the management meeting of the DX division where vice-leaders asked troops to think of ways to boost the competitiveness of phones without taking in by cost reductions.

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