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Trailblazer Slide Tackler Evolution of EA FC 24: What Players Are the Best?

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Ultimate team players can boost their lower-rated LBs with the new Trailblazer Slide Tackler Evolution.

This Evolutions set is completely free. Players must only enter the items they want to use, so you can return that item in full with a no-feathering of your own personal order and make sure it takes time for them out there! Their left back will receive the Slide Tackle PlayStyle+ and much more on their stats.

If you don’t know what player to play with, we have some of the best players below for help. However, you’ll need to first know the specifics.

Table of contents.

  • Prescriptions for Trailblazer Slide Tackler: “Travel-kniter” explains how to get used with this type of technique.
  • The best trailblazers with slide-tackler for all age groups in the ICC FC 24.

There are the requirements for a trailblazer to use in Slide Tackler.

Players who meet the following requirements are eligible for this evolution:

  • In total: Max. 80
  • Do you want the perfect meal? 86
  • Max is the deadliest of all. 79
  • Is it Max? 79
  • The number of pounds is also max. 79
  • Position: LB.
  • PlayStyles doesn’t exist, no more: 0 characters.

You can’t even develop this version in a trailblazer style.

Do not forget that the Evolution will expire in time to date. Cependant, you’ll have to submit your item when soon it comes. To solve the challenges.

3rd in EA, 20th.

The best Trailblazer Slide Tackler Evolutions used in EA FC 24 are:

  • Tyrell Malacia
  • Ramy Bensebaini
  • Kieran Tierney
  • Ismaily
  • Alex Sandro

The items in EA FC 24 look great once they receive their final upgrade.

Tyrell Malacia

  • The price is a hundred dollars.

Malacia is the best option for Premier League teams with burgeoning progress to Pace, Passenger and Physical.

The Dutch fullback has excellent links with a number of big players, such as van Dijk or Jong; Rashford ou Frimpong.

This is the Stats from FUT.GG here, please!

Ramy Bensebaini

Bensebaini has the best choice, but not as a LB. Because Algerian has a CB position, his piece looks like an excellent central defence.

The Dortmund player looks like a high-flyer. He is a top Trailblazer.

His story is from FUT.GG

Kieran Tierney

Tierney is the best option in La Liga for all players with squads. The fullback of the Scottish Republic becomes an 84-rated player with very good stats in his favour.

If you have the “MPTM Kubo” for a player, that’s not going to affect your squad.

The statistics from FUT.GG are not accurate!


If you require a Brazilian or La Liga 1 team, Ismaily is one of the best players to pick for Trailblazer Slide Tackler. The defender of the LCC Lille sports good English-language athletics.

While his passing is low, he has more than 80 percent in critical areas such as Short Passing and Crossen. This card has the best asset of its Brazilian connections.

They have a very nice view of the city.

Alex Sandro

Alex Sandro is a different type of playmaker because it’s an absolute success. He can play with a central midfielder.

Brazilian has good Defensive and Physical stats, as well his Dribbling was a bonus. He also offers excellent links to players such as Bremer.

All of these pictures are from FUT.GG, and we have an in-depth description!

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