Train Management Sim Railgrade got the first major update


Epic Games and the developer Minakata Dynamics added a new update to Railgrade this month. The first major content reduction is due at the end of this year. With the revamp named The 1.1 update, players will see a few new additions that will improve the game’s performance and overall experience. The addition of four new zones will take your knowledge test while it comes to industrial skill. A number of accessibility improvements can be made to make your network more approachable and not to solve a difficult problem. Plus a few brand new controls that look great, so you can adapt your gameplay to your liking. Here’s what the team told us and a trailer shows it all.

Note: Epic Games.

“After hearing from many players who love the shorter early-game missions in Railgrade, Minakata Dynamics has wasted no time adding three new early-game maps, plus a smaller-story region later in the game. This new level brings along an existing pick of new playstyle modifications, which allow more replayability and customization to the game. Players now may switch off train ghosting, which means that trains won’t pass through each other anymore, so long as your network becomes complex. The no-times-changer beats the clock, while Millionaire mode unlocks unlimited funds to increase your imagination, as you continue to build up to your heart’s level of control. There is also the addition of the expanded Endless Mode, which you can use to get past the completion of a mission. Other changes include additional options for train branching, additional details on you unlocked, and improvements to the tracks deletion system to make network design more intuitive.


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