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Traversal Trailers Unveils Box-Fresh Gameplay

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Hop, Grinder, Wallride, Slide: The extreme bike rider Simulator, Hike Shackler, “Jay, Mood, Jump” Simulator.

After the next game, the video game is based on the upcoming Parallo bike courier simulator, Parcel Corps. Despite the suggestion the publisher had to focus on the development of the game, the developer captured a fresh gameplay and showcasing the players’ progress in the city.

See New Island with style.

The new trailer shows a fast-paced delivery experience, showing how wallrides, slides, grinds and big air will be crucial to success in the courier industry. Students will travel throughout New Island, deliver items in their insulated bags, and also face the challenges of being a bicycle courier.

New tyres, apocalypse and adolescent working conditions, are hardly permitted.

Parcel Corps promises a thrill-ride full of wacky characters, sharp satire, and a laugh on the harsh work conditions of a courier. The game, set to launch on PC, PlayStation5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X|S in 2024, shows a unique view of the courier industry.

Skid Take the Sun-Kissed Street.

In Parcel Corps, players will find themselves in New Island, where three bicycle courier companies are battling to become the city’s top business. Players must choose the right side and lock the handlebars, forming rivalries in order to gain market share, influence and income.

The arrival of rich Villaine arrives.

The game’s story lines take a twist when Rich Villaine introduced his own CEO of Polar Petroleum, who had a political ambition and maniacal plans with him against New Island bicycle messengers. The players mission is to hammer Villaines’ schemes and save the world while always making deliveries timely.

32 seconds or less: A Race Against Time?

Parcel Corps is a team that tries to deliver delicious foods, valuable parcels and sensitive documents within a short time frame. This game adds an exciting layer to the courier experience, presenting skillfully and time-effective navigation.


Parcel Corps is set to offer an unforgettable gaming experience when it launches on PC, PlayStation5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X|S in 2024. The traversal trailer has presented the intense gameplay, enabling the final outcome of what seems to be a must-play title for the fans of high-speed, action-packed adventures.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Microsoft Windows 10.

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