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Trunks & Maith reveal Perfect Combination Cards in Dragon Ball Super

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Bandai has revealed the next expansion of Dragon Ball Super Card Games. After a few questions, the game’s main website announced with an existing banner that its title is Zenkai Series Perfect Combination. This is the sixth expansion of Zenkai series and totals the 23rd main-seriell Dragon Ball Super Card Game set. This set consists of something that isn’t revealed yet. This is the second-hand order of the family. This expansion, which is the last standardZenkai series set before its release in a series block, includes various features and effects that are introduced through these previews. The future Trunks Saga featuring Zamasu, Goku Black and Future Trover’ers, Maie-By & Vegeta.

Beautiful cards. A certificate: Game of the Dragon Ball Supercard.

The focus on the Future Trunks is continuing. This time, the controversial relationship between Trunk and Mai takes up a prominent stage. The wolf and the dog feature on this map. To inform the audience of the battle, a powerful leader called “Must’s Wrong.” The relationship’s considered controversial because Mai is much older than Trunk, but due to his wish the man had been at a distance.

Read on to Bleeding Cool, for a bit more Dragon Ball Super Card Game previews from the next installment of Zenkai. Stay tuned for more information on this collectible hobby from here daily, including a selection of cards and drops.

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