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Turtle Beachs Atom Mobile Game Controller for iOS Launches Next Month, Pre-Orders Live

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Here comes an ex-theorist..sorry about that. I’ve been playing a lot of Street Fighter 6, but Turtle Beach just announced yesterday a new built-in controller. The Atom Mobile Game Controller for iOS brings an interesting twist on the grip controls of the iPhone that we’ve seen with its clamp design. This allows short connection to the mobile port rather than direct access to the wireless port. Turtle Beach controller compatible with the iPhone 11, 12, 13, and 14 models, but this low latency Bluetooth setup could also mean it works on the next iPhone? Let’s try to learn more about this with Turtle Beach, when the phone comes, Hopefully. The Atom Mobile Game Controller connects itself through an internal 2.4GHz wireless link. This is a very interesting way of handling this issue. I’m going to try on a controller, hopefully, to update the purchasing guide for my iPhone controller. Watch the screenshot below of the Android 8.1 Mobile Game Controller.

The Atom Mobile Game Controller is taking effect on September 11th next month. You can order it online and at Turtle Beach. It’s $79.99. The iOS version comes in a Cobalt Blue variant, compared to the Android version of the same name in Black and Yellow, with a guide button on the Xbox. If you haven’t yet bought the iPhone, and plan to buy a new iPhone, read my controller buying guide and compare it here. I haven’t used an ocean controller yet, so I would like to learn how it feels like these face buttons, triggers and sticks. The battery life was 20 hours, with a second hour charge. A companion app, like other controllers, is available. Hopefully there’s no subscription required. How have you found Atom Mobile Game Controller for iOS from Turtle Beach?

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