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Twenty years after Steam The PCGH team has to say about it

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Today’s paper is the subject of the PCGH editor’s very personal opinion, and the issue is the 20 years of Steam.

In the internal editorial team format, you can look into the editorial team as far as you can, without the need to have a webcam, a magazine column or a video. We don’t just cover the entire world of PC hardware, but also games and games like consoles, films and technology in general, which affect our daily lives in different ways. On weekends, the editorial team appears regularly. This time, the topic is:

A period of 20 years is the year after the invention of steam steam.

An example of 20 years of steam

The gaming platform Steam celebrated its 20th anniversary this week. At the same time, Valve would just celebrate the anniversary with a badge for Steam veterans. However, after our article, the company’s ante upped the ante and published an appropriate page for the birthday. The developers discuss every year in Steam’s history, on new features, successful games on the platform and what’s happening in the world around that time.

Another aspect of nostalgia is that Valve sells things a lot, and a little more. Most of its own games are offered at a considerably lower price. En outre, the authors of the titles listed in the book were apparently asked to take part and therefore there were many discounts at the same time. At least with the newer games, not all companies apparently complied with the request. Depending on the title, waiting for the next regular sale will be worth the wait.

Out of the discount campaign, Valve has a brief thank-you and community content ready. In particular, there is a computer animated avatar, two profile backgrounds and three stickers in the points shop that players can use for free. The typical Valve-related topic is covered. The portal antagonist Glados ride the rainbow.

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