Twitch defines VTubers as artificial intelligences, who feel offended by the combination of both of these two technologies


In 2022, Twitch posted a celebratory video of the VTuberone among the most followed platforms, but made a mistake: in that accompanying text, he defined them artificial intelligences efficiently offending them and unleashing their resentment.

The offending tweet got a louder response from Twitch.

Those VTubers don’t get generated by artificial intelligence, they have some authors who manage them and make them act. According to a lot of VTubers, rumoring about artificial intelligence is misleading and showing a large ignorance of the platform.

Tomathin, director of sales at VShojo, noted that, Twitch, I appreciate love, but respectfully, VTubing doesn’t have anything to do with AI.

The VTuber Techy added that we aren’t created for AI. We’re animated characters in real time. We are real people.

The tweet, published on the 23th of December 2022, has been viewed 1,6 million times and has been quoted more than 3,000 times, and has generated a massive discussion. VTubers simply want to be recognized for their past and they don’t want to be associated with AI, which Tomathin says is serious about many talent artists, even those who work with VTubers.

He then explained to realize 3D models gods and VTubers it takes months, with different posts from many different people. The artificial intelligence is actually only used to track the body.


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