Twitch streamer completes Ultimate Elden Ring challenge that drew 4 hours of kicking Malenia


Elden Ring is notoriously difficult with some of the most challenging boss fights in video games history. This made it much more interesting when streamers are trying to get out of the trap because they want to challenge the boss a bit more difficult.

Ainrun is known for his interesting and record-breaking speedruns. Ainrun took a step back at completing the numerous impressive dark souls speedruns. His most recent challenge in the game FromSoftware was to defeat Malenia with only kicks.

Malenia is already a very difficult bossfight when he becomes normally a gunfighter. Twitch streamers are finding creative ways to make Malenia even more challenging, but that may be one of the wildest yet. Why? The knees do only 80 damage per hit and Malenia has 333,000 HP. It can beat the game, so you can go it up easily every time you attempt.

In order to protect these difficult aspects of the fight, Ainrun had to play very safely. That decision finally took her four hours to take charge of the challenge.

The media tipped that it would be the longest Malenia fight in history. He has some of his own records to play, but it only took three hours.

I’ve kicked an Elden Ring. It was the longest Malenia fight done, and the entire failure took 4 hours. – this is probably the longest, most successful, fights of all kind.

Ainrun (@Ainrun_ttv) December 29, 2022.

The Fire Giant has been the last known survivor of the war against the Giants. It’s an incredible humanoided with creepy looks like a face on its chest. This boss has over 43,000 HP. That’s more than Malenia, but fighting isn’t almost as tough as that. Unfortunately, Ainrun couldn’t use poison to hurry up the encounter.

Merry Christmas to the Elden Ring. I kicked the fire.twitter for 3 hours

Ainrun (@Ainrun.ttv) December 23. 2022.

Many fans of the Elden Ring have now told Ainrun that he will not be able to give up against Malenia without just his fists. It only means two damage. It is only 80 for kicks. Some have predicted that the fight would take him 160 hours if done right.


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