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Twitter: Elon Musk asked that if he didn’t go out of the position of the CEO, will he respect the result?

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Elon Musk gave away a few hours ago to a survey on Twitter where the platforms are probably already held and if he resigns if he can less the social network CEO’s name — a survey which found that he has the license to the platforms. Musk says he will stick to the results and, in other words, when the yes wins, he’ll quit the company.

Should I quit Twitter as a head? I am following these polls, writes a post of Musk.

When there was a response, 57,5% of 17,5 million voters said yes, and the remaining 42,5 % turned down no. At the moment we don’t know when the survey is going to end. Although many unlikely twists and turns are inevitable, it’s clear who option will be winner. If Musk stays his promise, then he should drop off his position in Twitter’s CEO account on October 27, 2022 after the u.s. purchased for $44 billion.

The owner of SpaceX and Tesla posted a message asking the user that: “Those who want power are the ones who who should’ve lost it.” There isn’t a clue if he’s referring to himself to the poll result.

It is currently unclear who could succeed on Twitter. The CEO told reporters that there are no successors in place to sustain this social life.

Nobody wants a job that keeps Twitter alive. There’s no successor, said a Twitter user.

Since he became Twitter CEO, many of Musk’s decisions and actions have been controversial. We remember the mass deposition of company employees, with the risk of compromising security for those who frequent the social network, the problematic management of verified accounts and official badges, or the decision to ban those who promote social networks on Twitter from its competitors, such as Mastodon, Instagram, and Facebook.


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