Twitter is starting to show the reason for the ban on a account in January in January


In January, Twitter will begin showing users the reasons for blocking or shadowbanning, that is, limiting the visibility of Twitter, said the new owner and CEO of the social network, Elon Musk.

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Mr. Musk talked about the new feature when asked about the reason for a hacker’s liar who has more than 60,000 followers was given a restored account. I’ll find it out. We need to implement an extra feature to show the why a account has been forbidden or visibility restricted (shadowban). In January, an official statement declared that Twitter has opened up.

Those high-profile blockings caught a lot of traffic this month. There were bans in Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN and other media outlets. The administration did not disclose the reasons for the restrictive measures. But all these journalists accused of covering the incident with Jack Sweeney, who published data on the Elon Musks plane movements on the platform that he considered this a gross violation of his privacy. That made it even worse than turning off voice chats in Twitter Spaces.

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