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Which games have been the highest in the past year? Ignore the game.

In 226 Best Ofs, on MetaCritic. There are 40 best PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch games listed here separately. The article was specifically dedicated to the ten top-rated games for the PS5 and PS4.

10. One’s the witch’s queen!

The Meta score: 87 points The User score: 8,0 points The user score:

9. The Warsaw Collection is uncharted.

The number of votes for e-mails was 87.

8. Gran Turismo vs. 7

Meta score: 87 points Utilities score: 2.1 points Utilities score:

7. The void of the horizontal borders is imposed upon humanity.

Get 8 points.

6. The last of us, Part I – The last of us.

88 points The user’s 6.3 points.

5. The Stanley Parables: Ultra Deluxe.

89 points User’s score: 8,8 points.

4. Persona 5 – Royale

In the u.s., the player rated 91 points, and the user rated 7,4 points.

3. War’s warriors will be on the battlefield.

94 points User’s 7 points #1 PlayStation Exclusive of the Year.

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, complete edition.

94 points User’s 7 points.

1. Elden Ring

Average time: 96,06%, Total score: 7.7,01%: The cheapest Game of the Year, Total maximum winner.

A great year for indies.

The indie production proved successful in 2022. The card deck game Inscryption achieved the highest ranking on the list by 87 points. That is 86 points behind Cult of the Lamb. The cat adventure Stray (83 points) was convincing and also put into the list 22nd place. Now, we have the kung fu brawler Sifu (81 points), 36th place.

Under financial circumstances, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker is probably one of the most successful games of the past year. The block adventure takes 29th place thanks to 82 points. It was before the Plague Tale: Requiem, which reached a million players in two weeks.

You can find out which games were the worst in the article.

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Final Fantasy XIV, with the best performance – 93 points.

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