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Two Pokemon controlled the whole Scarlet and Violet meta in the 2023 World Championships

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The 2023 Pokemon World Championships featured the widest assortment of Pokemon, from Paldea natives like Gholdengo to classic favorites like Amoonguss and Legendary genies. There were hundreds of different options, but only two specific Pokemon defined the entire regulation D metaflutter Mane and Urshifu.

Shohei Kimura, the new 2023 world champion, used methanol and roasse urashifu in a dominated final match to close out the tournament. This isn’t surprising considering the uniformity of Flutter Mane since its VGC debut in a row earlier this year and the broken, Unseen Fistability of Urshifus.

Take a look at the top 12 Pokemon competing on Day 2. @PokemonWorlds @Chapter! pic.twitter.com/t6dAsGbD43.

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In turn, 71 percent of the tournament ran Flutter Mane at Worlds, making it the most used Pokemon in the tournament. The Ghost/Fairy Paradox Pokemon seemed unstoppable at this moment, while some other Ghost Pokemon like Dragapult are trying to steal their spotlight.

Ignorance took place just a month ago because of the rules of Regulation D. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for its impact to be feltRapid Strike Urshifu was the second most-used Pokemon on day two of Worlds, tied with Iron Hands at 46,9 percent. The other form, Single Strike, was 12th in use at 15 percent, meaning it was a threat to watch for it and not so long ago. The two forms are equipped with a Unseen Fist ability, which allows Urshifu to hit targets through Protect. However, there were more players who needed to use the speed bar to match the team composition better.

Even though World Championships are likely to be over, Flutter Mane and Urshifu will continue to dominate Regulation D at regionals next month, so they’ll not be able to change their format again in October.

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