Two Shots: With the power of armpits!


When you broke up into Castle Greyskull and realised your magic transforming sword, you can only trust your sheer immeasurable abilities and the power of your impressive armpits to save the day.

So what happened was I was getting into the house trying to change a light-bulb and a poof, said Vincent, a member of FFXIV. I became a shit by a bare, cheesy, dog dude. It’s strange to be aware that that happens to me all the time. Very genuine stories.

And if you have ever felt like a joke, just know that you’ll never be alone. Minimalistway will be making you sick and humiliated.

I remember that day when I was introduced to the horse butt. This is a fun toy in World of Warcraft.

Many of my recent Lord of the Rings Online adventures included a chance to visit the Thorin oakenshields with his sister and the surviving dwarves in The Hobbit, said Katriana. We looked inside to make sure that the Arkenstone was still on his breast.

Josh returned as an homage to Predator (I think?). If Predator had more cat-dudes and bunny-girls and Moogles and sky-shattering summons and chocobos and Lalafell, it sounds incredible. Make it happen, Hollywood.

The nautical selfie is the latest of the year with a Blade and Soul photo. Here’s a glimpse of the story!

I saw three ships come on-board (and there is a third one). I think.

Good or bad, weird or sane, colorful or monochromatic let’s see your MMO screenshots from the holidays!

Every week, One Shots puts a spotlight on the best community-like works from your MMOs. Make sure that the picture is 880px wide and can be read in a picture or in a story!


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