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Ubisoft announces The Division 3, Massive Entertainment is developing

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Ubisoft’s franchise Tom Clancy’s The Division Officially back with a new entry. The publisher announced today That Massive Entertainment will once again take the reins to build the next game in the most popular post-disaster action RPG franchise. To achieve this, Ubisoft appointed the ward Julian Greaty is the veteran executive producer of the brand.

Julian Gritty served as creative director for both the ward (2016) and Division 2 (2019). He is currently a supervisor Star Wars Outlaws, another Massive Entertainment project offering a single-player action-adventure experience, as its creative director. Massive also has a third project in development: Avatar: Frontiers of Pandorawhich will be launched this December.

His role as executive producer for the ward A brand also means managing the spin-offs and mobile values ​​set in that universe. This includes the currently announced, but not yet released, iOS and Android game The revival of Tom Clancy’s Division As well as the PVP focused survival shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland.

The bad news for fans is Division 3 He is probably years away from appearing. One of Gerighty’s roles will be to build and grow a team within Massive to develop the project post-shipment Star Wars Outlaws. Details such as where the game will be set, platforms or release window were not shared today.

“We may have more than 40 million players, but the ward It’s still in its early years as a franchise,” Gerighty said in a statement regarding the franchise’s future. “There are so many incredible stories to tell, places to explore and people to protect. There are now a huge number of talented developers working on the brand, and I think more consistency can only make everyone’s work sing.”

Ubisoft also added it today Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will continue to receive support. Massive has restarted its content update cycle for the title in 2022, with season 5 and season 2 launching this October.

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