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Ubisoft has canceled The Division Heartland, directing resources to Siege and XDefiant

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Ubisoft has just revealed that a game it announced in 2021 is no longer in development. Heartland Division There was supposed to be a spin-off that would turn the Dark Zone PvP elements of the action RPG series into its own game. However, after years of development, Ubisoft is pulling the plug and putting its resources into its other life service games.

Although not yet publicly announced, a comment on the company’s FY2023-24 earnings call (PDF) that happened today was quietly revealed of Heartland status. In the section concerning Ubisoft’s steps to reduce costs and make more selective investments in the future, the company said that “in accordance with the increase in the selectivity of its investments, Ubisoft has decided to stop development in Heartland Division and redeployed resources to larger opportunities such as XDefiant and six bow.”

with resources of land of the heart Now spilling over into the two aforementioned games, it seems that Ubisoft wasn’t too sure if the spin-off would be a hit with gamers. Rainbow Six Siege is the long-running tactical shooter entry now in its ninth year of support. Meanwhile, XDefiant is a futuristic entry into a free-to-play arena shooter with a focus on fast-paced gameplay. The title is due out on May 21st.

Heartland Division It has suffered continuous delays since its announcement in 2021. Despite multiple playtests, it’s unclear how far from launch the game’s status was, and no details are yet available as to why Ubisoft decided to cancel Heartland Division After so many years in development.

In the same earnings call, Ubisoft revealed that it has cut its workforce by 1,700 in the past 18 months, with global employees at 19,011 as of March 2024.

However, fans of the franchise have more to look forward to. Division 3 Announced late last year, Massive Entertainment returns to develop the next major entry in the popular post-disaster world.

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