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Ubuntu Pro 22.04 LTS with real-time kernel now on AWS Marketplace

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Canonical announced that Ubuntu Pro 22.04 LTS with real-time kernel is Now available In the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace. Ubuntu Real-Time was released in February and provides an enterprise-grade real-time kernel that can handle ‘stringent low-latency requirements’.

With the launch of Ubuntu Live on AWS Marketplace, AWS becomes the only cloud-based procurement option where Ubuntu Live is available. Because it’s available in the cloud, businesses can quickly start using real-time computing to test their code in a cloud environment.

as Cyber ​​attacks are also on the rise Globally, due to the increased digitization, Canonical provides critical and high-security kernel CVE patches for the kernel in real-time by default. To ensure maximum protection, patches are automatically applied to the system at runtime and new updated images are released daily.

“Canonical’s real-time Ubuntu marks a significant advance in the field of software-defined vehicles, enabling rapid development and seamless deployment,” said Eduardo Barbieri, Product Manager at Canonical. “By listing on AWS Marketplace, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can now build their software-defined vehicle strategies on top of reliable and secure open source solutions on the clouds.”

To deliver Ubuntu in real-time, Canonical integrated the PREEMPT_RT patches, an upstream project maintained by the Linux Foundation. PREEMPT_RT adds a priority scheduler and other real-time mechanisms that allow preemption.

According to canonical, preemption allows the current thread of execution to be temporarily stopped by a higher priority event. It’s ideal for customers who need their cloud environment to execute demanding workloads quickly.

One of the additional benefits of delivering Ubuntu in real-time through AWS Marketplace is that Canonical can deliver a consistent experience across platforms including edge computing, multi-cloud environments, and CI/CD pipelines.

The daily image updates also ensure that every new show launched is secure from the start. Also, since the kernel CVE fixes are automatically applied at runtime, it gets rid of the need to reboot.

For more information, go to AWS Marketplace product page. The typical price for Ubuntu Pro 22.04 LTS with real-time kernel is now $0.072 per hour.

source: canonical

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