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UFC 5 will be violent, mature-rated game no PC version

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You can register for the closed beta on EAs. (Picture: EA) on the website of the EA.

The details from the beginning of September will be revealed in a new report. Some of the details of UFC 5 were revealed, as well as an explanation for its new mature age rating.

If there are any eyes on the 24th EA football match, if it is not the first one to have the FIFA license, it is not the only one that would launch the world’s games in the coming months.

A recent report says UFC 5, the newest entry in EAs MMA series, will arrive on October 27 about one month after EA Sports FC 24, PC and Xbox Series X/S. Much like previous games, there’s no PC version.

It was already discovered that UFC 5 would have an M for Mature age rating because it showed more realistic violence.

According to some of the upcoming UFC games, the competition is usually not an equalizer for teen. There in the United Kingdom, they always had a PEGI 16 rating, so this is likely to get up to an 18.

The new sequel has been spotted by fans, thanks to a registration form for the UFC 5s closed beta test. Tom Henderson says that the age rating has been changed in the past and is very important for the sequel.

Selon Hendersons sources, UFC 5 depicts more realistic aspects of damage and more detailed rendering, with the pool of blood on the arenas mat.

In addition, fighters will receive cuts, bruising and swelling in all the matches. Your nose or swollen eyes can also be affected by broken noses and eyesight, which can affect your performance and potentially lead to doctor intervention.

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Consequently, UFC 5 will ditch the series Ignite engine in favor of Frostbite, the same method that EA uses for its other sports, as well as Dead Space and the Battlefield.

With regard to more detailed fighters, the claimed modifications in engine provides better lighting and allow UFC 5 to run at 60 frames per second.

Lastly, Henderson adds that UFC 5 will feature an online career mode for custom-made fighters next to the traditional offline model. Of course, the competition will add Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali and Fedor Emelianenko, as playable fighters.

EA SPORTS UFC (@EASPORTSUFC) August 8-2023, 2023.

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