UFO 50 Developers shows Proof Game is still in development


A bit of interesting news today since the developer behind UFO 50 awoke to prove that the game is still being developed. If you don’t remember this one, this title is ambitious and simple for a whole bunch of games, all made easy by multiple developers under the banner. But once the game came out, and it appeared at the time of the launch, and since then, only very little has come out over the years and it would be very unlikely to be.

Credit: Mossmouth Games.

All that changed, as Derek Yu, the leading developer of Momsmouth Games, revealed the Twitter post below showing a game piece. Proving to people who might be skeptical or have just left out that, in fact, it is still being worked on and will come out at some point. The game has no release date yet, despite Yu posting the link to the Steam page in the reply. The main point of the game is that people can get it when it’s finished. But it seems that this will still be a waiting-and-see title for who knows how long.

I’m still working on that. #UFO50 pic.twitter.com/knulcmtGp6 #nulcmtFocus.

Derek Yu (@mossmouth) December 30, 2022.

“UFO 50 is a collection of games in single and multiplayer, from the creators of Spelunky, Downwell and Catacomb. Explore a variety of genres, from platformers and shooter’s, to puzzles, roguelites and RPGs. This goal is to combine a familiar 8-bit aesthetic with new ideas and modern game design.

  • 50 BRAND NEW GAMES These aren’t minigames or microgames. All of the games have its own title screen, intro, and ending, although the size of each game differs. There are some small arcade games but there are also larger Open-world adventures and a JRPG that may take several hours to beat.
  • AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE According to the story of UFO 50, all the games were created by an improv film company called the 80s, which was obscure, but ahead of time. Some games are sequels to other games from the collection, and many characters are displayed as part of the shared continuity.
  • InSTANT LIBRARY All 50 games are free at the start. The idea was inspired by multiplecarts and retro collections, and the experience of a friend’s house and perusing their game library. Jump in and out of games at a whim on the collection! A part of the fun!
  • UTHENTIC BONUS ADDITIONAL We carefully choose the elements to modernize. Every game has a unique 32-color palette and we took our hard work to make them look like actual 8-bit titles from the 80s. On the other hand, it was important for us that UFO 50 was fun and surprising for modern players, so we decided not to limit ourselves to the genres and design conventions of the past.
  • VERSUS AND CO-OP PLAY A third of the collection features a local multiplayer, including co-op and versus. In a new fighting game, you can compete with others or get the best of both of these teams to beat a classic arcade game from a different time. It’s great for groups!


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