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UK regulator: 75% of public opinion polls favor Microsoft/Activision sales

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500 responses were scrapped because they were unintelligible.

As the argument persists over the 68.7 billion dollar purchase of Activision Blizzard, global regulators continue their investigations into the sale and any potential antitrust issues raised by the joining of two of the biggest gaming companies.

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, a British regulatory body looking into the sale, announced its results of a public survey conducted in October of the competition-markets survey. It asked customers whether they were in favor or against the agreement being completed. About 300 emails were recorded, 3 quarters of which were in favor of the complete purchase.

Of the 6th hundred emails, only 2100 had to get an answer, the remaining 500 being tossed for [containing] abusive content, no other material content or were blank, unintelligible, proven by non-UK consumers, or not in English. Of the remaining ballots, several arguments for the purchase included the belief that Microsoft needs the purchase to become competitive against Sony and Nintendo, and that the deal was no different from Sony’s securing franchises such as Silent Hill, The Last of Us and Final Fantasy.

Microsoft announced a new product, but still has a fixed price. The American government have filed an suit to delay the purchase by continuing investigations, whereas several territories including Brazil, Serbia and Saudi Arabia have offered their full support of the purchase. It seems hard to imagine Microsoft ink completing the deal when everything is said and done, especially if it has choice to do so by bite the bullet upon numerous concessions surrounding cash cow Call of Duty, but the ink has always been a long way away from drying.


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