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Ultra Violent Metroidvania Cookie Cutter combines the Gameplay Trailer

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Developer Subcult and publisher Rogue Games revealed a brand new trailer this week for the game Cookie Cutter. If you haven’t seen this yet, have you been surprised to find a team who has gone beyond animation for the 2D title, as you play an error-genated android and a quest for vengeance all to find your creator, who’s also a lover? Will you be able to express the harshest possible way of expressing your revenge with your trusty chainsaw? Enjoy the 3 minutes worth of footage below, because this game looks like it’ll be released sometime in 2024.

Credit: The Rogue Games.

The scum. The thing is important. The Megastructure. A dystopian world with an insanely ambitious leader whose desire is to uncover the secrets of the universe is infectious. INFONET promised an utopia built on the backs of unaffordable androids called Denzels. That was a lie. Two hundred years ago the planet’s decay and the mysterious Red Seed was stolen. Raz, a renegade mechanic, searchs a hidden laboratory and finds the Denzel Cherry, butchered and left for dead, clinging to life alone. The gods of the life of this planet, Doctor Shinji Fallon, the gods of all mankind, have been taken up by a sicko, and Cherry will make him, and everybody or anything who gets in her waypay.”

Cookie Cutter is unabashedly irreversible, violent, and risky. Become Cherry, a badass android on a long and eager quest. To save her beloved creator, she’ll explore and fight her way through a unique illustrated sci-fi dystopian world as she hides on the inside of anybody who stands in her way. Inspired by love and with rage, join Cherry on a blood-soaked quest for revenge, as she explores the massive Megastructure, and eviscerates INFONET’s armies in a highly acclaimed 2D platformer that breaks down the complexes and the deadliest parts of the body.

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