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United 1944 Beta Trailer and Details Revealed

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Has Call of Duty not been scratching your competitive itch lately? Are you looking for a new multiplayer world war II shooter to come into? Now go no further, because the United 1944 Closed Beta will be coming next month and we’ll learn about it a little bit more.

There is also the trailer for the coming beta.

This closed beta will bring some new content that hasn’t been seen in previous playtests. Here are everything you can expect from this!

The Beta 2 is cloned.

  • New maps Two new maps will be playable in the next playtest. Players can in this game first fight in France and Africa on the battlefield.
  • The new modes will feature two new modes: Domination and Survivor. Domination looks like a combat mode where players take points to push a competitor. On the other hand, the Survivor is a dog-eat-dog extraction mode. Players are able to steal a loot and fight off players to recover safely.
  • New Weapons players can use the Bren and the Type 99 this time. The two light machines will take the competition seriously.
  • Day/Night cycle The games day/night cycle has more visibility in the dark so players don’t have to stumble around looking for someone to shoot at.
  • The game’s movement was rubbed up from the last phase so it can be viewed for a much smoother life.

Does any of those items sound familiar? If you don’t do this, read on to learn how to participate in the next playtest and get to know the game yourself.

How to register for the Beta?

In order to receive the permission for the United ’44 Closed Beta, all players have to do is turn the request button on Steam’s site. That’s really simple. It’s important to note that this won’t guarantee access, since developers are still limiting player count to test the server’s capacity.

Players can join the games’ official Discord server and read them regularly so they can return to the game. While the game is currently running a beta weekend, the developers can get different items by using their favorite channels.

The beta will run from September 29 at 6pm, EDT (Other 2009), and October 1 at 12pm, EDT/Other 2009.

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