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Unity can limit the revenue it receives from its largest game developer customers

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There may be a new revenue plan from struggling game engine and development tool company Unity. Unity hopes it will win back developers who vowed never to use the engine again after it unexpectedly changed its revenue model less than a week ago.

Unity first announced changes to its business model last week, stating that on January 1, 2024, it will begin charging developers a per-install fee for its runtime software after a certain number of installs and revenue levels are reached. This plan was quickly slammed by the game development community in general, and the Unity developer in particular.

now, Bloomberg reports that a possible new plan may be officially announced soon. The company held an all-hands meeting with its employees on Monday to discuss the plan, according to the report. He states:

Under the tentative new plan, Unity will cap commissions at 4 percent of game revenue for customers earning more than $1 million and said installs counted toward reaching the threshold would not be retroactive, according to a recording of the meeting reviewed by Bloomberg.

The new changes are not yet official, as Unity managers are still getting feedback from their partners in an effort to avoid the massive outpouring of protests that happened last week.

Another change to Unity’s model will allow game developers to submit runtime installation reports themselves. Previously, Unity said it would use its proprietary tools to monitor the number of installs.

Even if these changes take effect, the truth is that Unity has lost a lot of trust from many game developers who have used its tools over the years. Some of them will probably never come back, and other game developers who were thinking about accessing Unity tools might think twice and then decide to use a competing game engine like Epic’s Unreal Engine or something else.

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