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Unity introduced its business model on a criticism, as well as its details became known

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For almost a week, the network criticized the Unity developer’s decision to change the engine’s business model. According to the original plans, they wanted to get commissions from developers for each game installation. This model was greeted with hostile criticism from game creators. Today Unity announced they would revise previously announced plans, and now the Bloomberg portal spoke about the planned changes citing its sources.

Bloombergs note noted that Unity executives met to propose changes that would preserve profit while also addressing dissatisfaction among game creators. Major changes to previously announced rules:

The number of games will be counted from the moment of the transition to the new business model January 1, 2024. Before the design, the engine authors wanted to keep the system completed until the transition to the new model. If the above limits were exceeded, they would pay a commission in accordance with the number of installations. But they decided to put the sum of the entire commission to 4 % for studios that earned more than $1 million from the game. The developer must report the number of games that occur. Initially, it was assumed that Unity would collect data by utilizing their tools.

Unity hasn’t officially confirmed the above changes yet, noting that it’s not necessary to first weigh the pros and cons of all sides in order to avoid a new wave of hate. The owners of the engine are confident that the majority of the developers won’t even have to be affected by the changes because they are aimed at large clients.


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