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Unleased Ghostbusters Spirits update 1.21: The Witch Hunt for DLC 4 and Patch 17.0

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IllFonic just released Ghostbusters Spirits Unleased update 1.21, which contains loads of new content – such as maps and ghostfall images. The official version of the Ghostbusters Spirits Patch is here.

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleased Update 1.21 Patch Note | Ghostbuster Toy Company Unleashed Update 1.7.0 Repair Notice, October 19

It is an exciting day. IllFonic have been working a lot this past year for the duration of this release, and finally it has arrived! This latest edition is entertaining and rewarding. We wanted to get on with all the other bits of a series of articles from Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleaning Ecto?

In addition to evaluating diverse departments and improving user-friendly menus, games or other aspects of the game. This update allowed us to focus on improving the things which would help players experience irrespective of their skill level. We did this every step of the way, but for more time it was to build as many improvements at once and so players can understand each other. Some things are visible and some subtle, but when it comes to the subject matter — you can expect all of them in any game.

Our desire to get there is for you. It was created by an extremely dedicated dev team, working on the mission of bringing Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed through complete new levels! Since launching the game in 2001, we have always done everything possible for each other so that it’s the best ghostbusting experience. I’m happy to play live and listen as feedback flows across the community. Thanks, as always for the fun of picking Ghosts out.

Head of Project, Michael. Jordan Mathewson

Now Available Nintendo Switch

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is now available on Nintendo Switch! With a fully supported crossplay, you can’t just say goodbye to your friends! By bringing this game into the hands of an actual computer, we could quickly be happier and more realistic.

The engineers and artists spent hours optimizing, improving the process to make an all-important product for such a dedicated fanbase. These improvements make every platform more accessible to the public.

Nintendo Switch: Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Ecto Edition.

Now Available Steam

When speaking of crossplay, Ghostbusters: Tollashed is now available on Steam and verified in the Deck!

Steam: Ghostbusters: An Ecto Edition – Spirits Unleashed;

New Map Peteys Pirate Cove is a well-known game.

For fun and quiet, go to Peteys Pirate Cove.

The smallest of scarls, as well the most expensive withtnighting fish-like creatures. I’m in a loss of time, indeed.

New Map Galway Station

Subway patrons report sighting of old-time, ghostly trains and encounter tormented apparition in the underground centre around Galways Station.

Among those found in the newly-born species, one is the new type of ghost. Overlord

The Overlord is the latest playable Ghost Type and comes in 3 different variants.

  • Samhain
  • Darklock
  • Gravebringer

This type of Ghost was incredibly fun to build, for we wanted it as I lived in the heart when I built this ghost. The creators found that most powerful elements were recorded from Samhain; but also allowed its use into matchmaking environments and created an exciting boss fight against the narrative expansion! That made us to create a very different and unique Ghost, which will change many aspects of the experience.

New Narrative Expansion Expanded.

We added new acts of cinematic horror, which include more incredible stories on the subject that our team has worked with for a very long time. Dan Akyrod, Ernie Hudson and crew recorded all new VOs for this expansion of story-ending stories in order to continue on production. We also welcomed Ryan Colt Levy to speak Samhain, the new evil lurkingIn addition with New Acts there is also a special Booz Fight you can conquer at your friends once you reach this point.

New Tenure Level.

Tenure 5

Tenure now has an additional level.

In order to unlock the suit for Molecular Destabilization, you should prove your skill and experience in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed by leveling up its Tenure levels!

New Cosmetics Halloween Masks

Halloween costumes are coming in this year. This time, we have 4 new masks that spice up the festivities with enthusiasm!

That’s only available until November 16th, so you should not take your costume pictures before the day.

Cardboard Gear shells have been built.

We’ve got some new sets of gear shells for your equipment. Perfect for Busters with a low budget.

New Collectables Tobin Pages

Ghosts have now their own collectible items to look for when they haunt the various maps.

Tobin Pages are only available for Ghosts and can be collected to access all new audio documents.

New Feature Ghost Bounties

To give the players a more fun way of enjoying Ghostbusting, we addedGhost Bounties.

These ghosts are randomized, but you can use them to challenge yourself or by friends and earn some money. It also gives new players the opportunity to learn ropes. Team up with friends to learn some of the dangerous eminent secrets and monsters for an excellent bonus.

New Feature Character and Gear Loadouts.

Added fully customizable Buster Characters.

  • The Buster Customization locker lets players select, play as well.
  • These Characters will use AI bot when playing the match with missing human party members, making players make an AI robot dream team of their choice.
  • This Character is intended only for Buster cosmetic use and lets players swap to one of these character’s.
  • There are a number of character categories 2 and 4 at the Firehouse.

Added accessories to its collection.

  • Characters are designed to suit the user’ll always find out how many loadouters can be controlled.
  • The kit comes with several different gadgets, and tyree that can be assigned to any of the 4 Loadout they have selected for quickly swapping equipment.
  • The number of different AI Characters is at the same time.
  • AI Characters can have their loadout unasigned, thus being able to use random gear upgrades and gadget changes when entering jobs.

You can save your loadouts and assign them to those friendly botox you can now find hanging around the firehouse. These loadouts are separate so you can make up and gear the appearance to one another, mixing it.

This has always been on the other end of our list, so we feel it was worth a wait. So you have fun kitting out your team for yourself and bust ghosts in style.

New Feature Offline Progression

We wanted to allow ourselves the ability of play and keep you up with one’s progress, as we released Ghostbusters: Spirit Unleashed on two platforms.

With this update, we added the ability to continue in offline mode. This can then sync with your account when you enter it on time again by yourself or via an email link from here below! You can play a game of ghostbusters, and progress without your connection to the internet. This is something that all platforms use and have access to.

Changes and Improvement.


  • Added Tether Magnetism, Trap Assist and Jump Scare Magnetismus accessible toggled on Settings>Accessibility menu.
  • Added tutorial popups to the various menu areas of The Firehouse in order further explain their utility, even after opening them for first time.
  • Various AI improvements are made to busters and ghosts.
  • One of those maps could have broken down a lot that led to the buses and ghosts becoming stuck in this map.
  • Numerous maps were correct for what was displayed in the map, and showed a single piece of information.
  • Fixed several possessable objects that were not taking damage or being properly destroyed.
  • How did Ghost Portals and Fear accumulation improve gameplay?
  • A problem where certain minions won’t react (visually) when removing damage was fixed.
  • You could have fixed several menus that had incorrect text.


  • Busters are granted EXP when damaging and assisting in taking Drudges.
  • Tethering faster as it takes.
  • An issue where Ectovision can’t be activated while being tetherered.
  • Fixed an issue where Ectovision was activated while possessing a human.
  • The Ghost Trap became inoperable when trying to capture a Drudge while also damaging that pulp.
  • A problem where the Disruptor pylon continued working even after being depleted.
  • Fixed an issue with the R.TV Trap that would behave erratically when on range of Peekys Lookout abilities, then was it useful to try and measure its size in comparison?

Gear and Gadgets balance change.

Disruptor Pylon

  • Disruptor pylon is currently blocking Phase Portals, so the Ghost can’t use these portalen while Planzaiste are actively in operation.
  • Increased maximum fee costs to 4 (from 3) on average.

This is Detection Amplifier.

  • Reduced Ghost Detection.
  • This study has increased rift detection.
  • Reduced Pulse Range: 280 miles, the limit of one’.

Pusher Bypass Attachment for the PulseBoosters.

  • Turning speed modifiers removed.


After we gave the drudges, I felt that as soona time it was possible for us to achieve our objectives. This made us examine lots of community feedback and data so that we can add some upgrades (more specifically buffs) to some Ghost from which I felt needed adjustments. Read below for further details, but try everything out while working and return the feedback.

We still have a situation in mind but want to review that update before they become available and see what changes were occurring. Always thank you for the passionate feedback on gameplay, and it’s invaluable when balancing asympathetic multiplayer.


  • Fixed an issue where certain Ghost projectile abilities didn’t cause a coherent damage depending on the location.
  • Health and speed of a few possessable items decreased to prevent the invention.



  • Reduced fear Inferno wind up time and low-capture /
  • Reduced Fear Inferno damage


  • Low maintenance over time during the Possess Human Ability reduction.
  • Enhanced civilized fear during the Possess of Human ability in Civilization.


  • Addition of dark-andorb damage, increased radius and improved health.


  • The Nightmare will be hot and cool.



  • The shortened length of Fist Slams can wind up by two inches.
  • Reduced Fist Slams cooldown.


  • Toll-free items can be reduced.


  • An increase in the magnitude of Spectral Barrage damage, fire rate and projectile development rates.



  • Reduced Sonic Pulse wind up time.


  • Projectile for the Floating Seeker is increasing speed of floating Seekers.



  • Rediscover time as the excess.


  • For each Shock Pillar pulse, much more fear and damage have been reduced.
  • Reduced Shock Pillar cooldown.



  • Glutton’s variant of your ability is now damaging Buster trap and gadget.
  • Increased consumption rate owing to possessable consumption.
  • Now, The power to consume replenishes P.K mutter
  • Adjusted ultimate ability costs, damage and cooldown for new Glutton changes.



  • Uptake activated Terrorising Possessions cost and up time.
  • Durable duration of terrorism reduction in the bull’s possession (Better) will expire.
  • Added damage to Terrorising Possession (Buster).

Terror Sentinel

  • Trap Claws will get over the limit of Reamen’t, and by an ancient stage when under the roof it must be dropped.
  • The radius of the pygma for Claws increased.
  • Counting time on these two blades has been reduced.
  • Reduced skeletons add damage to the spine.
  • Selected Laws allows movement speed penalties.


  • The more than the usual cash fetched is.
  • Reduced Charging Chaos is resetting.
  • Enricominationd Chaos inhales time.


  • Female faces increase in damages and new additions to their prognoses.
  • Assisted Pretex activation delay was reduced.



  • It fixed an issue with the watchers’ default tint selection option.
  • Watchers figures have gotten higher overall.


  • Reduced Optical Flail drop.
  • Reduced cost of Optical Flail over time.
  • Increased Optical Flail damage and area of coverage.

Source: Ghostbusterssu.

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