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Unleash the power: Tescoh 8 Character Tier List is re-issued

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Tekken 8 is close to the corner and anticipation is at an all time high. In the past, only the player has been introduced to all the main characters in Tekken 8. However, the closing of the game gave the fans a preview of the new Tekken. People who play the game and watched the others have begun to think about what the best characters are.

It is important to remember that the official release date of Tekken 8 is still far away. Those ideas about the characters have a lurch of the game we were able to try out. The tier list of characters will likely change a lot once we know all the characters and a final version of the game is released.

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All the characters confirmed in the Tekken 8 puzzles.

Currently, we have a complete list of 8 characters confirmed by Tekken. These fighters resulted from the source and characters of earliest time, but were not captured by anyone. These lists may increase or decrease as we will acquire more sources in the future.

Jin Kazama

A fierce fighter from the Mishima family wants to stop fighting history. He wants to win the defeat of his grandpa, Heihachi Mishima, to bring peace. The Devil Gene is a special power that makes Jin stronger.

Kazuya Mishima

That angry father wants to control the Mishima group. He’s unhappy with his father, Heihachi, and wants power. Kazuya has a dark side besides the Devil Gene inside him.

Paul Phoenix

A famous wrestler known for his strong death Fist punch. He frequently yelled, Prepare yourself for the pain! Paul is hard and always ready for a fight.

Marshall Law

A funny street fighter, called Drunken Fist, really can’t think of a kung fu style. He likes to show off his skills and constantly searches for a fun challenge.


A wrestler who wears a mask and is a champion of a large tournament. He works with innocent people and believes that justice is fair.

Lars Alexandersson

When he was working for Mishima, he turned against him. He’s a skilled fighter, but also knows how to fly a flight. Lars wants something he believes is right.

Nina Williams

The dangerous assassin is good at sneaking around and fighting. She is secretive, and it’s impossible if she fights.


This robot is powerful and is getting better. It’s always ready to fight and difficult to win.

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Jun Kazama

Jins mother and a great fighter. He wants to stop the dangerous power of the Devil Gene. Even though she thought she was gone, his whereabouts are unknown.

Ling Xiaoyu

A gentlemen from China who fight ninjas really well. She likes to have fun and energy.

Leroy Smith

A boxer retired, still really solid. He can wrestle with his fists. Leroy fights against bad guys and stands for justice.

Asuka Kazama

Jins kind cousin is fighting to do what’s right. He wanted to stop Jin from using the dangerous Devil Gene and wants to bring peace.

Lili (Emilie de Rochefort):

A rich girl with a sword and a French style. She’s mischievous and loves to teasing her opponents in battles.


A heavyweight fighter from Korea who can hurl his arm really well. He has a unique form of standing called flamingo stance. Hwoarang loves challenges and never goes back down.

Bryan Fury

He used to work for a spy agency secretly and now uses his abilities to fight. He knows different combat styles like dancing and kicking. Bryan is ruthless and enjoys to blame his opponents for the pain he is trying to drink.

Claudio Serafino

A mysterious Italian-born fighter believes in doing what’s right. He has a great Italian style, and he fights hard for justice.


Raven is a new character in Tekken 7. He is a skilled martial artist and uses a variety of techniques: ninjitsu, capoeira and karate. He’s a mysterious and unbelievable person, whose true motives are not apparent.

Azucena Castillo

The tougher fighter from Mexico is a style named Lucha Libre. She is full of passion and loves to play in battles to show her strength.

Tekken 8 Character tier list of characters.

The tier list created is based on a combined list of factors, including Character Strength, Matchup Spread, Popularity, and how complex it is to play that character. Here the tier list is divided into three tiers: S, A, and B. The characters in the S tier are considered the best in the game followed by B and C.

  • The level of S-tier is low.
    • Hwoarang
    • Kazuya
    • Claudio
    • Jin
  • A-level items are added.
    • Jun
    • Asuka
    • Paul
    • Lars
    • Bryan
    • King
  • B-class’s the same as b-class’s the same as the B-class.
    • Jack
    • Lili
    • Xiaoyu
    • Nina
    • Law
    • Leroy

The release date is Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 should come to the beginning of 2024. It will be available to PS5, Xbox S4 and PC. It won’t happen on Xbox One or PS4.

There’s a chance that the tier list can change depending on the changes to the balance and the meta of the game. The tier list created is just a general guideline. The results vary depending on your play style and the matchup.

First thing to keep in mind that all characters are equally effective as they have each other’s strength and weakness. A perfect player can play the character he plays. Degrade characters according to the tier list.

The game is not the only snob.

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