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Unlocks Fan Favorite Story of The Witcher: Path Of Destiny, Gamefound Release is on

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CD Project Red and Go On Board have teamed up for a new Witcher game entitled Path of Destiny, which’s in the air now live on Gamefound! The Witcher: Path of the Dead already sailed past its funding goal of nearly seventy years, and consequently that campaign has unlocked some major stretch goals. A new character in the trilogy of Marigold, a solo version upgrade and an extra-envelop that includes free unlockables for all three main tale. InGrain of Truth fans are losing their mind over those stories by following this book again! More stretch goals have not yet been revealed, but we’ll keep you updated about what comes next. You can see the full campaign here.

Path of Destiny is for one to five players and you will play a number such as Geralt, Ciri-Yennefer/Versillumor (Janedoon) or Triustam. For one of the Tales there is also a solo mode that allows you to bring Geralt as an accompanyer, but this now has been expanded thanks with your stretch goals. You can also bring Ciri and Veşemir together so far too!

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In a short time, you can choose from four different tales as of Path Of Destiny (Sure of the Truth), each brought in characters that are relevant to reading books and playing. The tales are Striga, Edge of the World and Lessonser Evil. In addition to Grain: Truth – one will see new rules on mechanic that shake things up as well! The envelopes have specific needs that players must fulfill to unlock, but once they do their game will receive very nice new addition and play games which can be used from there forward.

After a very successful day, the team demonstrated how they understand The Witcher world but also adapt their setting to an exciting board game experience. “On site: Old World,” said Jan Rosner of CD PROJEKT REPRESENT in its own right.”

“The future of the project, Thrive Destiny”, is that unique yet hopefully real, and maybe even more so. Players can interact with The Witcher like never to succeed in its encounters; choices have implications which will lead better than known ones toward exciting new conclusions,” said Rosner.” “Exploring these possibilities is a lot of fun, no matter what board game experience you have or who knows the Witcher universe. I can’t wait to see you, please let me know what it looks like! You can find below the official description for Witcher: Path of Destiny.

“Take the role of Geralt, Yennefer’s; Ciri” and Vestimir? Put your unique abilities into your skills and follow the path of destiny or change its direction forever. The action of the group will determine how that story ends. But you won’t remember yourself forever…

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