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Untamed Tactics is released late August

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Indie game developer Grumpy Owl Games and publisher Ravenage Games confirmed a proper release date for their next RPG Untamed Tactics. The game has been developing for a moment as the player took the tactical RPG format and revealed a story of a war between animal factions. You’ll soon be able to play this game, which will be released on August 28th for PC. In the meantime check out the latest trailer below as they show off how the game will play.

Credit: Ravenage Games.

“Prepare to be swept away by the enchanting realm of Untamed Tactics, a RPG that has a narrative focus, which entives the brilliant minds behind the hit tabletop game Untamed Feral Factions. Listen to the story of Greycoat, a valiant soldier eager for redemption, whose memory of the past may not be as vivid as it was once. Together with the enviable and diverse companion group, venture into a trahistory yet mesmerizing Wilds. Don’t just fight against hostile adversaries, build unbreakable friendships and make strategic decisions that influence your destiny!

“The entire chapter of this thrilling adventure unites the standalone tactical odyssey set in a magnificent 2D landscape. Marvel at the perfect fusion of an intriguing linear story campaign and a procedurally generated world brimming with stunning images of captivating creatures. From the perilous shores of Stranglevine, to the towering fortress factory of New Gizmodan, your young refugees will cross uncharted territories battling both fear and risk. Relax your creativity while you create your party! By creating the most unique raced heroes and able to create his own own space. Embark on fanciful journeys from Wilds, where hidden treasures await, new characters eagerly unlocked, and permanent upgrades await, preparing you for your future escapades of epic depths.”

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