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Updated Radio Commands 2022 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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CSGO Radio Commands Changed In Feb 2022, Here Are the Updated Commands to Get You Moaning and More.

What Changed?

In Recent Updates “playerradio” Has Been Renamed To “playerchatwheel”

How to Use Radio Commands

Open Counterstrike, Open Settings, Select Game Tab: “Enable Developer Console” : Yes

Open Console With ~ (Default Key)

Paste Command In Console and It Will Play In Game!

How To Bind For Fast Use:

In Console Type: Bind Keyhere “playerchatwheel RadioCommandHere TextForRadioHereNoSpaces”

Example: Bind c “playerchatwheel deathcry *Moans*”

Pressing C will play DeathCry (the moan you love so much)

Updated List of Radio Commands With Prefix

Some Commands Only Work With Skinned Agents

Moaning Radio

playerchatwheel DeathCry “*Moans*”

Team Radio

playerchatwheel Radio.GoGoGo “Go Get Em'”

playerchatwheel Radio.TeamFallBack “Fall Back”

playerchatwheel Radio.FollowMe “Follow Me”

playerchatwheel Radio.HoldPosition “Hold Positions”

playerchatwheel Radio.StickTogether “Stick Together”

playerchatwheel Radio.SpreadOut “Spread Out”

playerchatwheel Radio.CoverMe “Cover Me”

playerchatwheel help “Help Me Out”

playerchatwheel Radio.NeedLeader “Who Will Lead?”

playerchatwheel Radio.NeedPlan “We Need a Plan?”

playerchatwheel AgreeWithPlan “Good Plan”

playerchatwheel Radio.NeedQuiet “Don’t Talking Please”

playerchatwheel Agree “Yes”

playerchatwheel Disagree “Maybe”

playerchatwheel Radio.Compliment “Good Work”

playerchatwheel Radio.Thanks “Thanks”

playerchatwheel Radio.Sorry “SoRrY?!”

playerchatwheel ScaredEmote “Hold Me, I’m Scared”

playerchatwheel Radio.EcoRound “Let’s Eco”

playerchatwheel Radio.SpendRound “Let’s Buy”

playerchatwheel Radio.NeedDrop “Can I Has Weapon?”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocHostage “Get The Hostage”

playerchatwheel WaitingForHumanToDefuseBomb “Defuse The Bomb”

Utility Radio

playerchatwheel Radio.Flashbang “Flashbang!”

playerchatwheel Radio.NeedFlash “Need a Flashbang”

playerchatwheel Radio.Smoke “Throwing Smoke”

playerchatwheel Radio.NeedSmoke “Need a Smoke”

playerchatwheel Radio.Molotov Fire “Throwing Fire”

playerchatwheel Radio.NeedFire “Need a Fire”

playerchatwheel Radio.FireInTheHole “Throwing Grenade”

playerchatwheel Radio.NeedGrenade “Need a Grenade”

playerchatwheel Radio.Decoy “Throwing Decoy”

playerchatwheel Radio.NeedDecoy “Need a Decoy”

Location Radio

playerchatwheel Radio.LocEnemySpawn “In Enemy Spawn”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocOurSpawn “In Our Spawn”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocBombA “Bomb Site A”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocBombB “Bomb Site B”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocHostage “On the Hostage”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocHostageEscapeZone “Hostage Escape Zone”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocMid “At Mid”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocLong “At Long”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocConnector “At Connector”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocStairs “At Stairs”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocDoor “At the Door”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocDoubleDoors “At the Double Doors”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocRamp “At Ramp”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocPalace “In Palace”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocSnipersNest “In Snipers Nest”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocCatwalk “At Catwalk”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocFront “At the Front”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocBack “At the Back”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocPlatform “On Platform”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocHut “At Hut”

playerchatwheel Radio.LocOverpass “At Overpass”

Status Radio

playerchatwheel RequestReport “Report In”

playerchatwheel HeardNoise “I Hear Something”

playerchatwheel Radio.EnemySpotted “Enemy Spotted”

playerchatwheel Radio.ImAttacking “I’m Attacking”

playerchatwheel KilledMyEnemy “Killed My Enemy”

playerchatwheel SniperWarning “There’s a Sniper”

playerchatwheel Radio.IKilledSniper “Sniper Down”

playerchatwheel SniperKilled “We killed the sniper”

playerchatwheel ThreeEnemiesLeft “Three Remain”

playerchatwheel TwoEnemiesLeft “Two Remain”

playerchatwheel OneEnemyLeft “One Enemy Remains”

playerchatwheel Clear “All Clear”

playerchatwheel CoveringFriend “I’ll Cover You”

playerchatwheel InCombat “Taking fire”

playerchatwheel PinnedDown “I’m Pinned Down”

playerchatwheel FriendlyFire “I’m on Your Team”

playerchatwheel killedFriend “Oops, Friendly Fire”

playerchatwheel LastManStanding “Last Man Standing”

playerchatwheel Radio.MyHeadshot “Boom Headshot”

playerchatwheel Radio.SawHeadshot “Sweet headshot”

playerchatwheel SpottedBomber “Bomber Spotted”

playerchatwheel SpottedLooseBomb “The Bomb Has Been Dropped”

playerchatwheel GoingToGuardLooseBomb “I’m Moving to the Bomb”

playerchatwheel GuardingLooseBomb “I’m Guarding the Bomb”

playerchatwheel Radio.PickedUpC4 “I Picked Up the Bomb”

playerchatwheel TheyPickedUpTheBomb “They Got the Bomb”

playerchatwheel WhereIsTheBomb “Bomb Location?”

playerchatwheel BombsiteClear “Bombsite Clear”

playerchatwheel Radio.PlantingAtA “Planting A”

playerchatwheel Radio.PlantingAtB “Planting B”

playerchatwheel Radio.WePlanted “Bomb Planted”

playerchatwheel EscortingHostages “Escorting Hostage”

playerchatwheel TeamLeadWon “We’re Winning”

playerchatwheel WonRound “We Won”

playerchatwheel WonRoundQuickly “Ez Pz Lemon Sqeezy”

playerchatwheel TeamLeadLost “Lead Lost”

playerchatwheel Radio.RoundLost “We Lost”

Tired of Hearing Radio Commands?

If You Don’t Want To Hear Radio Commands For Any Reason:

Typing The Command Ignorerad In Console Will Toggle Radio On and Off In Game.

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