Using the price of game, Bobby Koticks work and other disappointments of 2022, says Kotaku


The well-known gaming portal Kotaku published a new TOP today, where he discussed the most disappointing happenings of 2022 in the gaming industry. TOP, among other things, allows you to remember what had been discussed this year exactly.

Bobby Kotick has a job. In 2021 there were many scandals around his person, but in 2022 didn’t he get fired. At the beginning of the year, I learned that Microsoft would merge with Activision, while the future of Bobby Kotik remains in doubt. There are many ages, like Pokemon Violet / Scarlet, FIFA 23, Overwatch 2, Gotham Knights, Saints Row. Since the price of games rises from 54.99 to 69,99, publishers progressively increase their prices for their projects. Games like theirs are devouring each other. Microsoft and Activision, Sony and Bungie, Epic and Harmonix, Take-Two and Zynga, etc. NFTs are still alive, games that continue to be developed with their help. Chris Pratt voices Mario. It is believed that he is paid too much for his name. The authors recall G4, Fanbyte and Square Enix Montréal, which contain cancellations and closures. Nintendo took care of the fans. It’s noted that the company closed the cool projects of enthusiasts and sent legal threats. A more extensive range of games destroyed the Earth’s face. On note this particular closure of Stadia. The failure of Overwatch 2, which caused Kotaku writers believe, succeeded by Blizzard to choose the worst strategy for the game and then fail the game. Game studios are continuing to piss out their employees. are still alive. Kotaku said this was a hopeless product in which money has been invested. Elon Musk was called a racist, considering the use of Twitter and the actions that were reprimanded for by this group.

The following is an explanation, too. Many of the disappointments in the year from Kotaku seem to have gotten close to it in the article on their website.


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