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‘Valorant’ job listings suggest Riot’s shooter is coming to console

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valorant it’s been a PC exclusive since its release, but recent job listings suggest it could come to consoles in the future.

There has been no public word about the multiplayer shooter coming to consoles since its release in 2020, but Riot Games could be exploring the possibility of valorant expanding outside of its PC exclusivity based on job postings spotted on Hitmarket (via, VG247).

Both job listings specify valorant like the game in question, and Riot is recruiting for a senior console game designer as well as a console game design manager.

The Game Design Manager’s list of responsibilities works with team leaders “to develop a vision for combat in valorant on consoles”, while the duties of the senior game designer will include designing and refining “features, modes and systems to help bring console gaming products to market”.

valuer. Credit: Riot Games

Speculation about Riot Games products coming to consoles peaked when the developer announced a partnership with Microsoft during this year’s Xbox and Bethesda showcase. It was announced that five Riot Games titles, including League of Legends, valorant Y Team Fight Tactics would come to Xbox Game Pass, and users would unlock all the agents in valorant as part of your subscription.

There was no official announcement that valorant it would be coming to consoles, but the new job offers seem to confirm an arrival at some point in the future.

In other Riot Games news, the developer has partnered with Ubisoft to address toxicity in multiplayer games. The duo seeks to explore “artificial intelligence-based solutions” to combat bullying and toxic communications.

Elsewhere in the games, marvel avengers Designer Brian Wagoner has been ousted as a spokesman for the Crystal Dynamics studio after tweeting a series of offensive statements dating back to 2010.

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