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VALORANT pros weigh in on where Iso should appear. Was it broken or was this bust?

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The VALORANTs’ new agent, Isuma (B), has received many reactions from the local community. The answer is varied. His ultimate goal a bit silly, the shield wall looks like an Overwatch ability more often than his personal facets may be too much of something different!

In spite of everybody’s surprise, the professionals generally follow a similar reaction; who would be very useless is not.

Liquids of version1 says it’ll be difficult to justify his place as an apost over anyone else, but the description details my unrelenting lack in mobility and low teamsplay features. To take another place in the game, Iso must be able to help teammates with his abilities as well or have such an overwhelming firepower that it can become more powerful than players like old Chamber and Jett.

Iso, the newest Duelist Agent of China and coming to our table on Episode 7.

VALORANT (@valorant) November 19, 2023

Adam Kaplan says that an agent is already hard to earn a Flex spot in double controller, noting the rigidity of competitive agents picks. This kit’s neat, but other agents with larger efficiency all take priority.

Sage is another powerful player that works well for the team more than Iso, Sova a demon on Ascent and Combo with Brimstone/Breach are sinister in Fracture. There’s just not room.

Lately, new VALORANT agents have not affected the meta. At VALORANT Champions, early additions like Killjoy and Skye hit the pick rate charts with three release agents: Razadeh’niper. Deadlock, the second-most of all time swooping agent during Champions. She was the only agent in that match, who had never been selected at tournament.

If initial pro reactions come true to these early impressions, I will never have more than a result.

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